Kiwi Proofreader


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Kiwi Proofreader has the quality, excellence and ability to see all those little punctuation, spelling, grammar, and word usage mistakes, and the drive to fix them. From business letters to essays, and articles to website content, Kiwi Proofreader can make those words work for you.

Who is Kiwi Proofreader?

Hi! I'm Christina Shadbolt, a home educating mother who has an excellent eye for quality English writing and a desire to improve on it wherever possible. I have a natural ability to notice all written errors, along with a compulsion to fix them quickly.

Word documents are thoroughly checked and double checked before being returned to the author. Two copies are returned, one showing all changes made, and one with all the improvements in place, ready for submitting or printing out immediately.

Simply send your document for proofreading to kiwiproofreader@gmail.com. Please read the blog posts in News and Views if you have any questions - most of the frequently asked questions are answered there.